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At one time or another, every woman has an issue with her hair. There are “bad hair days” and “good hair days” with the only commonality being the hair on ones head.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have yet to hear about “bad feet days” or “bad hand days” and those are two other areas that we give our undivided grooming attention to as well. No, it’s always about the hair. It either acts right or it doesn’t; never mind that whichever way it acts it does so naturally!

So it seems that in order to overcome our hair’s natural tendency to be itself, we look for ways to make up for its bad behavior. We do many things, weaves, braids, scarves, hats and my favorite wigs! But even with a wig it’s possible to have a bad hair day. So I decided to speak with an expert about what to look for when buying a wig. Of course wanted to jump right in to get the low down but George Mayer, president of Jacquelyn Wigs, a premier Hairwear company for 25 years, stopped me, “Miss Adams, before we can talk in detail about how to buy a wig, you must first tell me what kind of wig is being purchased and the purpose it will serve.” Well, I have to admit that I was just talking about a plain ole wig, but after our conversation, I realized that there was no such thing. And so my tutorial began—first, according to Mr. Mayer, determine why you want a wig.

Because wigs are available at every conceivable price point, the key is to buy appropriately. Is it for health reasons, for fashion or will it just help make your life easier?  Your answer will help you decide what kind of wig to get. There are synthetics, human hair and Hairlife®. To help you determine which is best for your needs, here’s the difference and price ranges within each category:


Synthetics: Good for fun and occasional wear, they retain their shape well, but are less responsive to major styling changes. They are the least expensive option, but they work well if you are purchasing to add to an existing hair wardrobe and they pack easily. Styling is generally locked in fiber memory. Synthetics don’t take to heat well and tend to interact with your body heat, frizzing at the nape. There are twenty-five different grades of synthetic hair fibers, $20.00 to $100.00.


Human Hair: Great when you intend to wear it everyday.  Human hair needs the most maintenance and it is the closest thing to your own hair. It is the most expensive choice, but will give you greater styling options and years of wear if properly cared for. Depending upon the type of hair in the wig, Asian, European, prices run from $300.00 to $800.00.


Hairlife®: This is a unique blend of human hair and synthetics that offers the best of both worlds. It is possible to have the easy care of a synthetic with the natural appearance and styling versatility of human hair and costs less then 100% human hair. Pricing is based on length and style, $250.00 to $750.00.


I can assure you that there is a great deal more to know before you run out and buy a wig. For more information visit

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