Summer Time!

It's time to pull out all the warm weather clothing that we reluctantly packed away last September. Finally the opportunity to wear all the sexy sleeveless tops, flirty dresses, skirts and who could forget . . swimsuits, shorts and sandals. Warmer weather means baring a bit more skin than usual, which means that it is also time to think about looking your best. Face it; there isn’t a tan you can get or sexy dress you could wear that will make up for winters wear and tear on your body. If you have already prepared for summer then enjoy, but if you haven’t it is time to do a little housekeeping! Before you bare anything at all take a quick inventory of some of the things that bear (sorry, couldn’t resist) consideration:

Hair Patrol: Hair on your head is a good thing, but hair coming out of unexpected places like your bikini line, the top of your toes, legs, or cascading from your armpits is frightening! There are several methods of removal that you might want to think about using to get rid of it, shaving, depilatorizing, or waxing; choose a method that works best for you, but whatever you do; do something!

Nail It: Face it; if you want a “well manicured look” getting manicured is essential. Nothing says more about you than your hands and feet; nothing will ruin your look faster than crusty heels, jagged cuticles, overgrown toe nails or peeling polish! Since summer is an opportunity to expose those toes, take time to pamper your feet. Give your hands a break too. A weekly professional manicure and bi-weekly pedicure is a must but if your budget can’t handle the expense do it yourself. If you don’t have the time or inclination to maintain your hands and feet; do everyone a favor and use clear polish and wear pumps instead of mules or sandals.

Protect and Buff: Nothing feels better in the summer than the warmth of the sun on your skin. By now we all know how important it is to protect the skin we’re in by using sunscreen religiously but also important is moisturizing. Before you really expose your skin to the elements, be sure that you use an exfoliating scrub to remove any dry skin that may have accumulated under those heavy winter wraps. Pay special attention to your feet, elbows and knees and then apply your favorite moisturizer for a soft touch.

Eye, Eye: That’s right; your eyes deserve special attention too! Protect those peepers with a good and fashionable pair of sunglasses to protect them from the sun’s glare.

Caution: There is such a thing as too much exposure. Unless you are at a nude beach, baring it all isn’t necessary. Leaving a little something to the imagination has been known to inspire artists and poets throughout the ages. So instead of letting it all hang out this summer . . . Inspire someone instead. Think about it. See you next week. ©2011 Audrey Adams

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